ALERRT Course Hosting/Participation Requirements

Training Requirements

Hosting An ALERRT Course in Your Community

If your agency is interested in funding your own courses, please contact your region's Program Coordinator for more details

  • ALERRT receives a limited amount of funding from state and federal sources each year to deliver training to law enforcement personnel around the nation.
  • Additionally, some states and regions access funding through their own sources to access this vital training.
  • Most ALERRT courses are conducted by mobile training teams at host agencies across the nation.
  • Some courses are conducted at the ALERRT Center in San Marcos, Texas.
  • Hosting requirements vary from course to course with most requiring your accredited law enforcement agency to provide an approved facility for the training – an unoccupied office building or school building with wide hallways and multiple rooms off the hallways (for the scenario based training).
  • Generally, the facility must be unoccupied during the training. Training start and end times can be adjusted as necessary to accommodate local requirements.
  • Before scheduling the course, your training location/facility must be approved by ALERRT.
  • The size of the classes vary between 18 and 30 students depending on the course to be delivered.
  • In most cases, the host agency will be responsible for filling the classes with law enforcement personnel from area agencies.
  • When possible, we prefer that multiple agencies participate in this training together - as in most active shooter events, multiple agencies respond simultaneously. It is vital that all agencies be on the same page upon arrival at the scene to effectively manage the situation.
  • ALERRT will provide the instructors and all equipment/supplies to conduct the training.
  • Visit our Course Catalog for details about each course offered through ALERRT at Texas State University.

If you are interested in hosting an ALERRT course through our grant funded - no-cost program, please click here to be added to the funded course request list.

Be sure to include your justification for training and include other agencies that will be training with you in this effort.

Attending An ALERRT Course Beyond Your Community

  • Due to our funding limitations, you must be a licensed, commissioned, local, state, or tribal law enforcement officer, firefighter, or EMT/paramedic to receive this training at no cost.
  • Participants are responsible for their own meals, lodging and transportation unless told otherwise by the host agency.
  • Military, federal agencies and others who do not fall within the local or state law enforcement guidelines may opt to fund classes on their own by requesting a class here.
  • Most courses are filled at a first-come, first-serve basis. Some are hosted by state or regional agencies with the primary intent of training a team of their instructors to deliver this training throughout their region. To register for courses in your region, see our course calendar to find the point of contact for classes in your area. Classes are limited in size and can not be filled beyond capacity.
  • Most of the courses held at the ALERRT Center at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas are open to all state, local, and tribal first responders.
  • San Marcos has many lovely hotels offering ALERRT discounts that are generally equal to or better than standard government rate. If hotels are not in your budget, we offer a no frills bunkhouse on our training facility at no cost to training participants. Contact these hotelsto ask for the Government or ALERRT Discount.
  • Visit our Course Catalog for details about each course offered through the ALERRT Center at Texas State University.

For more information on specific training or to register to attend one of the ALERRT courses, visit or email

Indirect Courses

The Indirect Delivery program is designed for ALERRT Certified Instructors who have successfully completed our 40-hour Train-the-Trainer course. Through funding provided, the ALERRT Center will support certified instructors who are delivering ALERRT courses at their agencies. Beyond our direct support, if you have the instructor base through our Train-the-Trainer program, and you want to put on an INDIRECT class using Kit Equipment or just require class materials and expendables, then please contact ALERRT Logistics Director Zane Childress. Equipment is only authorized if available and if a department qualifies to obtain the entire Kit of Equipment.

How to Apply for Indirect Delivery Course Support

Once the course has been approved, ALERRT will ship all requested supplies to the agency. When the course has been completed, the instructor will return the course registration forms and course evaluations to ALERRT in a prepaid envelope. Once the course paperwork has been returned, participant certificates will be generated and available for the students to download from the ALERRT website.

For more information about the Indirect Delivery program, please contact Zane Childress, Logistics Coordinator (